Top 5 Musicals I Want To Star In

So I started drafting this post a few days after I performed in ‘West Side Story’ as Maria. It was dream come true for me because after 6.5 years of going to my drama group I was finally given the chance at a lead role. So to celebrate that I’m going to be doing another non-bookish post (sorry bookworms) and listing my Top 5 Musicals I Want To Star In! I’ve done 23 shows with my drama group as well as many school shows and a couple of others, but there are so many musicals that I haven’t had the chance to do, so I’m listing them here.

5) A Very Potter Musical

There is a minuscule chance that I’ll ever be able to be in A Very Potter Musical because it isn’t a ‘proper’ musical as it hasn’t been performed on Broadway or the West End and it’s only available for viewing on Youtube. Nevertheless, AVPM makes my list because it combines two of my favourite things, musicals and Harry Potter. In addition there are a ton of amazing songs in the three-part musical series like ‘No Way’, ‘The Coolest Girl’, ‘Sidekick’, ‘Not Alone’ and ‘When I Was’ and many of the songs were written by the fabulous Darren Criss. Furthermore Hermione is one of my dream roles and I think it’s really perfect for me.

"The coolest girl on the face of the planet"

“The only thing I wish I knew, was how make them see, the girl that I can be”

4) The Sound of Music

I’ve been dreaming about playing Liesl since I was 6 and now ten years later I’m just about to turn 16 and be the perfect age to play Liesl and sing ‘Sixteen Going on Seventeen’. Plus The Sound of Music was my first musical obsession and I’d absolutely love to be in it.


“I need someone older and wiser telling me what to do”

3) Heathers

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been getting incredibly obsessed with Heathers. I love the music, the plot, the book, the characters and everything about it and I would love to play any of the characters in the show. I can’t seen myself ever being in it seen as it didn’t make it to Broadway and I don’t know how easy it is to get the rights, but a girl can dream.

"Honey what you waiting for? Step into my candy store"

“Honey what you waiting for? Step into my candy store”

2) Rent

I absolutely love Rent and it saddens me that I’ll probably never get to do it with my drama group as it almost certainly isn’t seen as appropriate for 14+ year-olds. Nevertheless, It’s on my list because I adore the music and have many favourite songs and really love the plot and all of the characters too.

"Forget regret, or life is yours to miss"

“Forget regret, or life is yours to miss”

1) Les Misérables

I’ve been dreaming about being in Les Mis for years now. I finally get the chance to be in it this summer and I’m so incredibly excited. Performing ‘One Day More’ on-stage with a full cast would be amazing and I’m just crossing my fingers that I’ll get to be Eponine.

"There's lots of things I know. 'Ponine, she knows her way around"

“There’s lots of things I know. ‘Ponine, she knows her way around”

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any dream roles or if you’re not into performing, tell me what your biggest dreams are! Come back next week for my next ‘Top 5 Wednesday’!

Priya ♥


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