101 Things I Love

So my brilliant friend Sofia tagged me to do this a long time ago and I figured that it was the perfect post to break my blogging slump!

  1. Curtain call in a show where the actors take their bows and you see the joy on their faces  and get to give them the standing ovation they deserve
  2. Performing on-stage and getting an adrenaline rush
  3. DoingGangnam style in the aisles of a theatre (trust me its incredible fun)


    vii. Performing on-stage with my friends

  4. Singing power ballads with my dad
  5. That new book smell
  6. That old book smell
  7. Listening to popcorn pop in the microwave
  8. Performing on-stage with my friends
  9. Having friends in the audience to support me
  10. Hugs. I would literally hug anyone.
  11. Harmonies
  12. Spontaneous harmonies
  13. Five-part harmonies
  14. Ballroom & Latin dancing
  15. When the marshmallows on hot chocolate melt to make that delicious gooey layer
  16. Listening to popcorn in the microwave
  17. Writing lengthy birthday cards to people
  18. Getting into warm clothes that are fresh from the dryer
  19. Hot showers in the winter
  20. Freezing cold showers in the summer

    xxv. T

    xxv. The fact that I have tickets to see my idol, Idina Menzel

  21. Beautiful old-fashioned libraries
  22. Coastal walks
  23. Broadway
  24. The West End
  25. The fact that I have tickets to see my idol, Idina Menzel
  26. Musical Theatre and Disney Karaoke
  27. Holidaying to New York
  28. Hot dogs from the German market
  29. Our home-made cupcakes
  30. When I’ve had a book for so long that the pages start to yellow
  31. Cool socks
  32. Staying up late to finish a book
  33. Surprises
  34. Reorganising my bookshelf (especially into colour order)
  35. On that note, I also love putting things into alphabetical order
  37. Spontaneously breaking out into song
  38. Scraping the cupcake mixture out of the bowl and eating it!
  39. Going to see book to movie adaptations when there are a ton of other book fans in the audience
  40. Fan-screenings, like the TFIOS one I went to
  41. Comic Con (though I’ve never been, I love to watch the panels on Youtube)
  42. Darren EverettCriss

    xlvii. Instagramming pictures of books

    xlvii. Instagramming pictures of books

  43. Historical dramas – and just history in general
  44. Beauty and the Beast, and pretty much all of the Disney films!
  45. Rousing chorus numbers
  46. The beautiful moment when you meet someone and become instant best friends
  47. Sending my friends embarrassing Snapchat videos (mostly of dramatic lip-syncing)
  48. Instagramming pictures of books
  49. Being busy
  50. Being so tired when you get into bed that you fall asleep immediately
  51. Shopping with my stylish friend Ambi
  52. Getting cast as the part you wanted
  53. Getting a callback
  54. Walking around without shoes on
  55. Choreographing elaborate musical numbers in my head
  56. Performing monologues

    lxi. Fancy dress parties

    lxi. Fancy dress parties

  57. Going to the theatre
  58. Meeting authors
  59. Re-writing song lyrics with my friend Amelia (we’ve written some crazy stuff about chins, hoovers, socks and all sorts)
  60. Slowly indoctrinating my friends and getting them into musicals
  61. Fancy dress parties
  62. German. The language. I’m going to miss not learning it next year
  63. That (rare) moment when you improvise in a performance and it goes really well
  64. Russian accents
  65. Irish accents
  66. American accents
  67. Just all accents really
  69. Stretchy clothing
  70. Teaching dance
  71. Fandom tees
  72. IMDB. Seriously I go on there to look up an actor and the next thing I know I find myself several hours later on a completely random page that tenuously links to the first
  73. Legally Blonde the Musical
  74. Les Mis
  75. Heathers the Musical
  76. Rent

    lxxiv. Les Mis

    lxxiv. Les Mis

  77. The Sound of Music
  78. West Side Story
  80. Dancing like nobody is watching
  81. Disney Channel original movies
  82. Organising things into folders
  83. Keeping scrapbooks
  84. Customising my bedroom (I made musical theatre magnets recently and a postcard wall)
  85. Fictional boys
  86. Harry Potter
  87. Being surrounded by people I love
  88. All of my friends
  89. Writing formal letters to complete strangers
  90. Fairytales
  91. Twisted fairytales
  92. The feeling of freedom and elation when you walk out of your last exam
  93. Meeting people you do’t feel socially awkward around who are really easy to talk to
  94. Auditioning (most of the time)
  95. When the cast list get posted / read out
  96. Ballgowns
  97. Prom dress shopping

    c. Getting to play Maria (my first lead role) in West Side Story

    c. Getting to play Maria (my first lead role) in West Side Story

  98. Counting down to things. I have a chalkboard where I’m counting the days to the Idina Menzel concert (2 TODAY :o) and various countdown apps (where I’m counting down to various things including my three summer shows, the Movie musical showcase, 42nd Street and Les Mis)
  99. Being awkwardly tall
  100. Getting to play Maria (my first lead role) in West Side Story
  101. Christian Borle’s arms

Thanks for reading and let me know what you love in the comments. I don’t really want to tag anyone specific to do this, so instead I’ll tag anyone reading this who wants to do it!

Priya ♥


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