Top 5 Books that made me cry

I’m a crier. I cry at everything from rom coms to big dramatic death scenes. I sob every time I read ‘The Fault in Our Stars’; every time when the Beast gives Belle the library and every time when Hagrid comes back from Azkaban.

But I haven’t cried in a long time (not since January 1st when I saw Miss Saigon) and that weirdly makes me really dad because I love to cry at sad things! So today I thought I’d reminisce about the top 5 books that have made me cry in a desperate attempt to get the tears rolling again.

I thought that this post would be really easy to write, but I’m actually finding it really hard to think of books that I cried a lot at because there was a time when I cried at almost all of the books I read… but here we go!

5) Only Ever Yours

I know that I talk about this book too much in my posts, so I’m really sorry, but ‘Only Ever Yours‘ had such a powerful ending that I couldn’t exclude it from this list. The last couple of sentences really broke my heart and though I didn’t cry while reading the book, I sat down afterwards and had a little cry when I tried to write my review.


4) Looking For Alaska

I think I’ve cried at all of John Green’s books (apart from his short stories) due to a combination of his beautiful writing and really moving moments. I don’t want to spoil anything, but parts of ‘Looking For Alaska’ really made me sad. I anticipated the sadness but I was still so moved when it came.


3) The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender‘ is such a beautiful yet tragic book and I cried like a baby at the end. It’s about a girl who was born with the wings of a bird and her story is so haunting and moving that I couldn’t stop the tears and cried in school in front of a lot of people!


2) The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I cheated with POBAW and watched the film before I saw the book. The the heartbreaking revelations towards the end of the book are very implicit whereas in the film they were much more obvious. At the film I sobbed and sobbed but at the book I cried a lot still, but they were much more graceful tears (if that makes sense.) They both moved me in very different ways, which I found very strange, but also fascinating.


1) The Fault in Our Stars

There was a time when I could literally pick up ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘, start reading from any page and cry with joy or sadness! Though that power has faded, I still find this book very moving. When I first read it I started crying at Hazel’s grenade speech and didn’t stop until I reached the end. But the interesting thing about my reaction to this book is that I’m not crying because it’s a cancer story (which seems to be the obvious tear-jerking factor.) I’m crying because of the beautiful writing and because of Hazel and Gus’ doomed relationship.


Thanks for reading and let me know which books make you sob down in the comments! Come back next week for my next ‘Top 5 Wednesday’!

Priya ♥


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