Top 5 YA Couples

As it was Valentine’s Day on Saturday, I’m in the spirit for a bit of YA romance, so today I’ll be counting down my 5 favourite YA couples.

5) Anna & Étienne

I love all three of Stephanie Perkins’ romances: ‘Anna and the French Kiss’, ‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’ and ‘Isla and the Happily Ever After’. However Anna and Étienne are my favourite couple out of the three. I just loved their story and their relationship felt really real (not that I know anything about that, because I really don’t :P)


4) Hazel & Augustus

If you don’t ship Hazel and Augustus, I think there is something wrong with you. Gus and Hazel are just so perfect for each other and even though they know that time is their biggest rival and that their relationship will inevitably end in heartbreak, they love each other and don’t let anything stop them from being together. When I went to Amsterdam in summer 2014, it felt magical because I felt like I was exploring Hazel and Gus’ magic fairytale land because in Amsterdam they were able to briefly escape from their troubles and just be happy!


3 Peenis (Peeta & Katniss)

What I love so much about (the unfortunately named) Peenis is that they don’t have the stereotypical love at first sight romance. It takes Katniss a long time to eventually admit her feelings about Peeta and this made the romance so much more powerful because I had been waiting for hundreds of pages for Katniss to finally realise she loved him so the romance built up and developed a lot. Katniss and Peeta had so many hurdles in their way that they have had to overcome and their ultimate concern was always survival, so the romance was secondary, which I really liked.


2) Romione (Ron & Hermione)

I’ve been a Romione shipper for a very long time. Ron and Hermione are so perfect for each other and I love all of their little moments together. I love the moments in the films when they look at each other and you can feel the chemistry and it’s just so cute and just GAAAH! Romione for life.


1) Maxerica (Maxon & America)


Picture credit to Epic Reads

I wrote a whole paragraph about Maxerica for my friend Sofia’s post on YA Romance so check that out here.  ‘The Selection’ is a bit like the TV The Bachelor (which I really need to watch!) and it’s essentially about the swoon-worthy Prince (Maxon Screave) trying to find a girl to marry. It sounds silly and girly but these books have a darker side and I absolutely both sides. Maxon and America have such a fascinating and complicating romance. Not only are they (sort of) seeing other people, there’s also a lot going down in the Kingdom and on top of all of that there is a strict and cruel King. Nevertheless I will stick with my ship!



Thanks for reading and let me know who your fictional OTP is down in the comments! Come back next week for my next ‘Top 5 Wednesday’!

Priya ♥


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