Top 5 Worst Dystopian Worlds to Live In

I’ve been at the dreaded parents evening today (*shudder*) so I’m sorry that this post is so late in the day! Today I present to you the top 5 dystopian worlds I would not like to live in

5) Uglies

In ‘Uglies’, everyone undergoes an operation when they are sixteen to become pretty. Their faces become perfectly symmetrical and everyone pretty much turns into a walking Barbie. People are so obsessed with their appearance that they don’t think about very much other than that and they don’t really have the capacity to question their situation. We are obsessed enough about appearance as it is and we already have too many problems with the media, but ‘Uglies’ takes it to an entirely new level!

4) The Hunger Games

‘The Hunger Games’ was an obvious choice for this because who wants to live in a world where 24 children are forced to compete in a horrific fight to the death and the whole nation was no choice but to watch. On top of that there is starvation, an oppressive government that enforces harsh crimes and no freedom. Yes, Panem doesn’t have a shortage of charming bakers or sexy trident-wielding fishermen, but life is horrible!

3) The Jewel

Violet Lasting, the main character is in the Jewel is bought in an auction and has to be the surrogate for a wealthy lady. In this book the ‘surrogates’ are treated like dogs and one specific scene in the novel (that I don’t want to spoil) just made me so angry. I can’t imagine being bought, treated like a pet, expected to carry a stranger’s baby and then being tossed aside afterwards! *Shudder*

2) Only Ever Yours

In ‘Only Ever Yours’, women are literally bred to please the men. The world and the culture really disgusted me and I can’t even begin to imagine how miserable life would be! Women are brought up to be Companions, Concubines or Chastities and girls’ names aren’t even capitalised! I’m very much a feminist and the idea that this could actually happen one day enrages me!

1) Delirium

In most dystopian worlds, things are taken away from the people and they are controlled! Characters in dystopian world suffer in poverty, war, divided societies, not being allowed to make their own decisions or they are forced to do things they don’t want to do. However the worst world in my mind is the world of ‘Delirium’ because the ability to love is taken away from people. I just can’t imagine a world like that because it would be truly horrible!


Thanks for reading and let me know which dystopian worlds you would hate to live in down in the comments! Come back next week for my next ‘Top 5 Wednesday’!

Priya ♥


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