Doctor Who Book Tag

So I saw TurtleSympathy do this on Youtube a while ago and as a big Doctor Who fan myself, I just had to join in!

1.) First Doctor: Favorite first book in a series

Well this has to be (without a doubt) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! I’ve read this book over and over and over and over again and I never get bored with it! If you think there’s a better choice for this category… well you’re wrong! Nothing trumps Harry Potter! Check out my post on Potter here!

2.) Second Doctor: Favorite sequel

CF FIYAAAAAH POSTERCatching Fire is the perfect sequel to The Hunger Games and it’s definitely my favourite in the series. I loved how Peeta and Katniss’ relationship developed and how complex and unique their dynamic is! All the new characters (like Johanna, Mags, Wiress and the beautiful creature that is Mr Finnick Odair) were great and it was interesting to discover more about new characters (since the Hunger Games is mainly centered on Katniss and Peeta. Plus the wonderful film adaptation probably made me love Catching Fire even more! You go Francis Lawrence! :D

*Gasps in awe and admiration of this stunning GIF*

3.) Third Doctor: Favorite trilogy

My favourite trilogy is definitely the Selection Series. (I know a fourth book has been announced so it probably doesn’t count as a trilogy any more, but let’s ignore that fact!) Prince Maxon is “bae” (as the youth of today say) and I am very much in love with him! Maxerica are one of my main ships (along with Captain Swan, Mondler and Johnlock) and I’m so grateful to Kiera Cass for not giving them a typical YA relationship! Another reason this trilogy is my favourite is that it actually had a really great ending (unlike many other YA series.) Check out my review of The Selection Stories or The One.

4.) Fourth Doctor: A book with a colorful cover

This shouldn’t be hard seen as my bookshelf is in beautiful colour order, but there are so many beautiful books to choose from! I’m picking Stephanie Perkins’ series (Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After) because these books are absolutely gorgeous and are so bright and colourful! I think these books are really fun, happy and colorful on the inside too and I always feel better after re-reading them!


5.) Fifth Doctor: A book featuring sports

Ugh sports *shudders*! I’ve never been a big sports fan (watching and participating) so I tend to avoid sporty books! The book I’m choosing for this is Pivot Point by Kasie West because it features a bit of sport (if using telekinesis to move a ball counts :P) that ends up being quite important to the plot. Despite my loathing of most sports, (namely football, netball and a few others) I still really loved this book!

6.) Sixth Doctor: A book featuring a dark and powerful villain

OOOOOH this is hard! My mind firstly flickered to the obvious choice of the Harry Potter series and then The Hunger Games, but seen as I’ve already mentioned these series…. I’ll go for…… okay I give in. Voldemort from the Harry Potter series is the clear choice for this! I’m going to choose Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  because Voldemort’s return in this book terrified me when I was younger (and to be honest it still scares me now!)

7.) Seventh Doctor: Favourite adult or dark book

Well I’ve only read a handful of adult books, but my favourite out of those is The Other Boleyn Girl. I know it’s not exactly dark, but I had to include it in this tag because I loved it so much! I really enjoy historical books and always had a fascination with Anne Boleyn in Primary school, so it was great to discover more about her through the eyes of her sister Mary!

8.) Eighth Doctor: Favourite romantic/romance book

You probably understand by now that I’m not a massive contemporary fan, but Stephanie Perkins books are an exception! My favourite in the series is Anna and the French Kiss because I fell head over heels in love with Mr Étienne St Clair very early on! Also, this book is set in Paris, the city of love, so how much more romantic can it get?!

8.5.) War Doctor: A book you wish you could forget you ever read

This goes to two books, Crossed and Reached from the Matched trilogy. I absolutely adored Matched (fun fact: Matched was my first dystopian read) but Crossed and Reached really ruined the rest of the series. I kept reading because I loved the characters and the dystopian world was a new concept to me and I found it fascinating. They were just a waste of time! They’re not terrible, but compared to the wonder that is Matched, they’re pretty useless!

'The Day of the Doctor' was PERFECTION

‘The Day of the Doctor’ was PERFECTION

9.) Ninth Doctor: A book that made you pick up a series/genre again

Hmmmmm…. I’m going to have to pick a book I read recently, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks by E.Lockhart. This is because I’ve been in a pretty awful contemporary slump for the past few months and I’ve been mainly sticking to fantasy, historical and dystopian books! But the Disreputable History was absolutely amazing and It’s made me want to pick up some more contemporary books!

9 Fantastic 1 9 hello

10.) Tenth Doctor: Favourite super hyped book

I love The Fault in Our Stars! Is it over-hyped? YES! But I absolutely adore it anyway! I was a fan before the movie hype and I will be a fan long after it dies down! (Check out my post in which I profess my love for all things TFIOS and John Green)

Ten is definitely my favourite Doctor! How can you not love that face?

Ten is definitely my favourite Doctor! How can you not love that face?

11.) Eleventh Doctor: Favorite children/middle grade book

Harry Potter would obviously be my first choice for this, but since I’ve already used it in this tag, I’ll go for The Mysterious Benedict Society! I really adored this book and the rest of the trilogy when I read them and I still remember them vividly! I’ve been tempted to pick up this book lately because I really want to re-read it and join Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance on their adventures!

11 bow tie 1

Bow ties are cool

12.) Twelfth Doctor: Most anticipated new release



This is really hard!I’m excited for lots of new books, A Court of Thorns and Roses (the new Sarah J.Mass book), the conclusion to the Mara Dyer trilogy and Ally Carter’s All Fall Down! But the book I am most excited for is definitely The Heir by Kiera Cass. I absolutely love the Selection trilogy and I can’t wait for the next instalment! Plus the cover is absolutely stunning! How can you not want that book on your shelf?

Admittedly I was doubtful at first and I was scared that Kiera Cass would stretch the story too much and ruin this beloved series, but then I told myself off for being such an idiot after crying with joy at the bonus epilogue that Kiera wrote for The One.

Also on the note of the Twelfth Doctor, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PETER CAPALDI! Like many fans I had my doubt about him, but he’s been an amazing doctor and I’ve ended up loving him even more than Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston!

dancing 12

OKAY!…. So This was really fun to do! I tag my fellow Whovian Sofia (Check out her blog!) and I also tag anyone reading this now who is a Doctor Who fan or just want a fun tag to do!

Priya x

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