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I’ve seen a ton of booktubers doing the Taylor Swift Book Tag (by TheBookLife) and recently my friend Sofia has tagged me to do the Taylor Swift TV Tag (an adapted version by Kayla at BOOKadoodles!) I’ve decided to complicate things EVEN MORE by putting my own stamp on it and creating… drumroll please…. The Taylor Swift Musical Tag! As both a Swiftie and a massive musical fan, I’m very excited to do this!

WARNING – I may have used way too many GIFS in this post!

Our Song – A musical that is like your home/comfort zone

The Starkid musicals “A Very Potter Musical“, “A Very Potter Sequel“, “A Very Potter Senior Year” and “Twisted” are definitely my comfort zone. If I’m ill or just feeling down I’ll watch a bit of AVPM or AVPSY on Youtube to cheer myself up! What’s not to love?! Harry Potter, Disney, Darren Criss (and the rest of the brilliantly talented Starkid family), great songs and hilarious moments :D If you haven’t seen them already then where have you been?! In a cupboard under some stairs? Search for Starkid Potter on youtube and prepare for enlightenment!


The Best Day – A musical that makes you feel nostalgic

I went to see Blood Brothers recently and it brought back so many memories to when I did it with my drama group back in 2011. I miss the old days *le sigh*.

Love Story – A musical with a forbidden love

Miss Saigon is my newest musical obsession and was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about this category. Set in the midst of the Vietnam war, Miss Saigon is the story of Kim who meets American soldier Chris and of course… they fall in love. But the pair are on opposite sides of the war! You can’t get more forbidden lovey than that!



I Knew You Were Trouble – A musical with a bad character that you couldn’t help but love

My favourite Disney Villain is definitely Scar and I loved him even more in the stage show! Be prepared is a definite highlight of the show (though I think they spoiled it in the musical with a random hyena dance off) and Scar is just utterly fabulous!


 4970_0e65 371ddaf0-ad5c-0131-66bd-2a20f44dd4e6

Innocent – A musical that was spoiled for you

I’m generally great at avoiding spoilers, but the Miss Saigon spoilers I encountered were utterly unexpected! Only a few days after my Miss Saigon obsession started, I watched an interview with the amazing Lea Salonga (the original Kim in Miss Saigon and the voice of Princess Jasmine and Mulan) where Lea spoiled the ending! I guess I only have myself to blame seen as the Musical has existed for 25 years now! Don’t worry Lea, I still love you!

tumblr_ncx7umplF31s9d4vlo1_250tumblr_ncx7umplF31s9d4vlo6_250 (1)tumblr_ncx7umplF31s9d4vlo5_250

Everything has Changed – A musical with a character that goes through extensive character development


Most musicals have a lot of character development, and first I thought of Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors because he transforms from a shy and nerdy character to someone who will do whatever he must to protect his love, Audrey! However Jean Valjean from Les Mis definitely goes through the most extensive character development! His situation changes a lot from convict to fugitive to mayor and so on, but his personality changes the most (especially when he finds Cosette and experiences love for the first time in forever!)



You Belong With Me – The musical you want to see the most

Legally Blonde is by far my favourite musical. I love all of the songs and know them all word for word (even the many reprises) and I’ve watched this musical countless times on Youtube. I’m excitedly waiting for the day Legally Blonde returns to Broadway or the West End and I can guarantee I will be there to watch it not long after it reopens!





Forever and Always- Number one musical couple

So I’m a big Les Mis fan atumblr_mgt15pg9f51r6vtifo1_250nd an even bigger Eponine and Marius shipper! I know they aren’t a couple, but a girl can dream! I think we all hope that Eponine will finally get her man because we all have our own Marius. Just look at that GIF and the way Eponine looks at Marius. That moment is probably my favourite in the entire film! The film adaptation allows these subtle intimate moments that we might miss onstage. Just look at them, doesn’t everyone long for someone who will look at them like that?






Come Back, Be Here – A musical you miss watching

Watching Matilda the Musical on Broadway was an exhilarating experience, especially due to the talented 9 year old Sophia Gennusa and because I got to watch Lesli Margherita (one of my musical heroes) perform in the flesh! Matilda is such an uplifting musical and I would love to see it again!

tumblr_na9zyk6v8s1sdmlmvo3_r1_250  tumblr_na9zyk6v8s1sdmlmvo5_r1_250 tumblr_na9zyk6v8s1sdmlmvo6_r1_250


Teardrops On My Guitar – a musical that made me cry a lot

Les Mis ripped my heart out when I saw it for the first time in the cinema and then on stage. I still feel the feels every time I rewatch it. For everyone who hasn’t seen Les Mis, it is not a happy story and if you want to leave with your feels intact, I suggest you keep your distance from it! Les Mis definitely proves that music can touch me more than everything else. As for the feels… I can’t even…


Shake it Off – A musical you love and makes you want to shake off the haters

High School Musical is utterly fabulous! I know it’s cheesy, repetitive and isn’t likely to win an Oscar or an Olivier Award anytime soon, but I still absolutely adore it! So many people hate on HSM but I still love it with all of my heart!

High-School-Musical-graduation tumblr_inline_mmhovjoa4z1qz4rgp

All Too Well – A Musical you wish was longer / had a sequel

I love the Starkid Harry Potter musicals so much and I’m so happy that there are three of them! But alas, I still long for more!
Sexy twirling  Darren

Mine – A Musical that will forever hold a place in your heart

The Sound of Music was the first musical I saw and it really ignited my passion for the theatre and opened the door that led me to find many other awesome shows! I don’t remember many details from the show (which is understandable as it was 9 years ago) but I remember how much I loved it and the awe and amazement I felt towards that brilliant show!

tumblr_n0hn8kp4O31qicfexo7_r1_500   The-Sound-of-Music-gif-julie-andrews-21293727-298-267

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- a musical you once loved but don’t anymore

I’m finding this one really impossible because I can’t think of a single musical that I’ve stopped loving! Ummmm….. Er…. Well….. I literally can’t think of a single musical! Maybe I’ll update this tag in the future if I can think of one!

MUSICALS, I LOVE YOU ALL! So here is a shoutout to some of the musicals I couldn’t include in this tag:



AVByte Musicals

AVByte Musicals



The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera






Shrek the Musical

Shrek the Musical










Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia

As far as I know, I’m the first person to do this updated version of an updated version of a tag (:P) So I’ll tag anyone who is a Musical Theatre fan! Or if you want to create your own version of this tag, (perhaps a Taylor Swift Film Tag), I dare you to have a go!

Priya x

P.S – Sorry again about all the GIFs :P I got a bit carried away!


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