The Jewel

I feel awful because I’ve been neglecting my blog recently! I’ve been super busy and have had a big blogging slump and haven’t been able to write proper reviews of anything! I’ve been waiting for a book I feel inspired and excited to review and I was very lucky to find the Jewel!


Today is my last day as Violet Lasting. Tomorrow I become Lot 197.”The_Jewel_cover_273

The Jewel is a shocking and compelling new YA series from debut author, Amy Ewing.

Sold for six million diamantes, Violet is now Surrogate of the House of the Lake in the centre of the Lone City, the Jewel. Her sole purpose is to produce a healthy heir for the Duchess โ€“ a woman Violet fears and despises.

Violet is trapped in a living death, her name and body no longer her own. She fights to hold on to her own identity and sanity, uncertain of the fate of her friends, isolated and at the mercy of the Duchess.

The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Other Boleyn Girl in a world where beauty and brutality collide


The two different covers I have seen of ‘The Jewel’ both reminded me a lot of The Selection Series and while I absolutely adore those books, I was worried that ‘The Jewel’ would feel like a copy of The Selection Trilogy. However I am delighted to say that I was completely wrong! ‘The Jewel’ is not only a captivating and exciting read, it feels unique and apart from the beautiful gowns and the link with royalty, it bares no resemblance to ‘The Selection’ whatsoever!

After starting this book, I almost immediately fell head over heels in love with it!ย I was gripped throughout and I kept trying to guess what would happen at the end! Despite how hard I tried to figure what was going to happen, all of my guesses were wrong and my jaw literally dropped when reading the last few sentences!

The world it is set in is rich and fascinating yet also so horrific and terrifying! Violet is sold to a Duchess and becomes her property, so she struggles over the course of the book between obeying her and finding her own small ways to rebel. She has so little control over her life, yet she was still confident and I admired her bravery! I was so shocked by how she was treated and the idea of buying a human being and forcing them to carry your child is appalling! Amy Ewing could have easily made the Duchess a one dimensional, evil character for the reader to despise, and though I do really hate the Duchess, Amy Ewing showed a softer side to her that was really fascinating to discover! ย In fact all of the characters were interesting and dynamic! I was particularly interested in Raven as she has such a moving and captivating story!

There are some VERYย shocking moments that blew me away! After finishing this book, I had to wait about 10 hours to fangirl with my friend Veena (who has also read ‘The Jewel’) and to finally discuss some of the dramatic moments from the book. Those 10 hours nearly destroyed me and when we finally started talking, I exploded with feels and fangirly squeals! This is not the kind of book that you can read and then just put down. It really stayed with me throughout the day and I could rarely get it out of my head!

My only problem with this book is the romance. It felt rushed and unrealistic and I didn’t find it believable. One moment the characters are sharing an awkward first encounter and the next they are proclaiming their love for each other! However I was so engrossed in ‘The Jewel’ that I didn’t realise that the romance was even bothering me until I stepped back and thought about the book in order to write this review! The rest of the book is so good that it makes up for the faults in the romance!

(Also, did anyone who has read the book imagine Ash as Alex Pettyfer in Beastly? I’m not a big fan of his and I don’t normally see book characters as actors, But now I can’t imagine Ash being anyone else!)

Seriously, READ THIS BOOK!

I can not wait for the next instalment!

Priyaย โ™ฅ



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