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(Sorry if this post is formatted strangely or has weird typos! I’m writing this on the plane from Prague to Brussels to Birmingham as I come home from holiday!)

Hey :D I’ve been neglecting my blog recently because I’ve been so busy but I’m determined to blog more frequently now despite my busy schedule! So my awesome friend Sofia recently did the Academy Awards Tag and tagged me to do it next. The tag basically uses the different categories from the Academy Awards but changes them slightly to apply to books! I’m going to use the books I’ve read so far this year!

Best Actor: (Best Male Protagonist)

The winner for me is Maxon from The One! I love Maxon! He’s charming and handsome but he also develops a lot in the One and becomes a lot stronger! I enjoyed watching him evolve throughout the book and it was great to see a completely new side to him! MARRY ME MAXON!

Honourable Mention: Julian from Pandemonium

Best Actress:(Best Female Protagonist)

Without a doubt, the winner of this category is Celeana Sardothien! She is fierce and strong and is tied for my favourite fictional character with the amazing Hermione Granger! She is so badass, brave, fierce and strong and I can’t wait to follow her journey in Heir of Fire (my most anticipated book release of the year!)

Honourable Mention: Kelsea Glynn from The Queen of the Tearling & Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door

Best Cinematography:(Best Plot Twist)

I really loved the ending to The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender! I’m not sure if it classes as a plot twist but I did not see it coming and it totally shocked me. I found this book haunting yet beautiful and the ‘plot twist’ fitted with this. I read this in school during a revision period for our end of years and I had to fight back tears and try not so sob in front of my entire class!

Honourable Mention: Split Second by Kasie West

Best Costume Design:(Best Book Cover)

The Assassins Blade is beautiful! I love all of the Throne of Glass covers and they’re not only beautiful, but really fitting for the books! I gave it a place of pride on my bookshelf so I can stare at it for all eternity!

*Gasp* It's s gorgeous!

*Gasp* It’s so gorgeous!

Honourable Mention: The One

Best Supporting Actress and Actor: (Best Male and Female Sidekick)

I found this category the hardest! After a lot of deliberation I have chosen Hana from the Delirium series as best Female sidekick! I loved Hana in Requiem (and even though she was a main character in that book, she was a sidekick in the others so I’m counting her!) I found her story fascinating but I don’t want to say any more in case I spoil the series!

Honourable Mention: Marlee (The One) … I guess she counts as a sidekick

Best Male Sidekick goes to Billy D from Dead Ends! I don’t know what I liked so much about him, but he was a really awesome character!

Honourable Mention: Roar (Under the Never Sky)


Best Original Screenplay: (Most Unique Plot/World)

Pivot Point by Kasie West had a very original plot and structure. Like many YA books, it is written from two perspectives but the interesting part is that both parts are from the protagonist, Addie’sperspective. The chapters alternate between two separate futures whilst Addie tries to decide which one to pick!

Honourable Mentions: Throne of Glass series & the Infernal Devices trilogy

Best Adapted Screenplay: (Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation)

The Fault in Our Stars is the only new book-to-move adaptation I remember seeing this year so it wins by default! But TFIOS was an absolutely beautiful film that captured the book almost perfectly! I had doubts about the casting at first but Ansel and Shai were the perfect Gus and Hazel!

Best Animated Feature:(A book that would work well in animated format)

I would really love to see an animated version of Only Ever Yours! I don’t think it would work for the whole book but it would make an amazing animated book trailer! The cover has a Barbie doll on it and at parts of the book I imagined the girls as dolls! It would be really interesting to see the girls as actual dolls and it would add to the sinister feel parts of this book have!

Honourable Mention: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Best Director:(A writer you discovered for the first time)

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am absolutely obsessed with ‘Only Ever Yours’, Louise O’Neill’s début novel. I found her writing very compelling and intelligent and I can’t wait to read more that she writes! Plus Louise is really lovely! I’ve spoken to her a few times on Twitter and was recently delighted to discover that I’m featured on her website! EEEEP

How awesome is this? :D

How awesome is this? :D

Honourable Mention:s Sarah J.Maas (The Throne of Glass series) & Alice Oseman (Solitaire)

Best Visual Effects:(Best Action in a Book)

Throne of Glass has some pretty epic action scenes (especially towards the end of the book!) I’m not generally an action fan but when I read some of the action scenes my heart was pounding and I got completely lost in the book.

Honourable Mention: Pandemonium (Lauren Oliver) & Clockwork Princess (Cassandra Clare)

Best Musical Score:(Best Music in a book-to-movie adaptation)

Like I said earlier, TFIOS is the only adaptation I’ve seen so it wins by default! However it still had a really great score and great music that set the mood of the book perfectly. I especially loved Long Way Down by Tom Odell as I’ve loved that song for a whie now and was lucky to see Tom in concert last year! Bomfalleralla (the Sweedish hip-hop song) was pretty awesome too! :D

Best Short Film:(Best Novella or Short Book)

The Assassin’s Blade (by Sarah J. Maas) is a great collection of Novellas set before the first book in the Throne of Glass series! I love novellas because they give you an insight into things you don’t see or fully understand in the books and The Assassin’s Blade certainly did this! You get to read more about Sam and about what happened to Celeana before she was imprisoned in Endovier (where we first meet her in Throne of Glass!)

Honourable Mention: Four (Veronica Roth)

Best Picture: (Best Stand-Alone)

Only Ever Yours wins this by a mile! I absolutely loved this book (and struggled to write a good review because I just wanted to fangirl at its awesomeness :D) This is Louise O’Neill’s debut book and it is absolutely fabulous! If you like dystopian books you HAVE to pick it up! I am very obsessed with this book (as you can probably tell if you’ve read my review or if you follow me on Twitter!)

Honourable Mentions: Lola and the Boy Next Door, Dead Ends,The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender & Solitaire

Best Documentary: (Best Historical Fiction or Non-Fiction)

I love dystopian and historical fiction, but they’re complete opposites! The Queen of the Tearling isn’t really a historical fiction as it is set in the future but feels very similar to a historical novel as it is set in a very simplistic world and is all about the Monarchy! I’m going to rebel and count it anyway!

Honourable Mentions: Changeling & The Infernal Devices trilogy



So.. the big winners of my Academy Awards are:

The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas – 4 wins – 1 honourable mention

Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill – 3 wins

The Fault in Our Stars (film adaptation) – 2 wins


I hope you enjoyed this tag! It’s quite different to what I normally do and it took me a lot of time but I found it really fun!

I have no blogger friends to tag because Sofia tagged them all :P



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