Sorry if this post looks a bit weird or has very obscure typos! I’m writing this on my phone in an airport because I won’t have access to a computer for over a week.

So yesterday I met Rainbow Rowell. That is a sentence I never thought I’d be able to say (well, type!) I wasn’t that excited before the event because I’d never met anyone famous before or been to a book signing (let alone one of my favourite authors!) but as soon as I walked in the building, I felt incredibly excited! My heart was beating and I was making some very strange fangirly noises!

I was lucky enough to meet Rainbow early with my friends Sofia and Ambi and I met a lovely new person Eleanor (*waves* Hi if you’re reading this :) ) We entered a competition on the ‘Ya Birmingham’ blog and we were the lucky winners and runner-ups! She was really lovely and she signed all of our books for us! We also got really lovely fangirl tote bags (I will treasure mine forever!)

We were lucky to get front row seats for the talk and Q&A and we joined our friends Zarin, Asmaa and Makayla and waited excitedly! The Q&A was really fun (though I was too shy to ask a question!) Rainbow Rowell was hilarious!

Then the winner of the Fangirl selfie competition was announced (it was my lucky friend Ambi) Check out my selfie:


Overall I had a really fun evening and it totally exceeded my expectations! For my first book signing it was pretty AMAZING :D

I can’t wait for my next events (Lauren Oliver and David Levithan at Ya Birmingham!)

Priya x


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