25 facts about me

I was tagged to do this by my lovely best friend Sofia! So here I go:

1. My Birthday is the 3rd of July (THIS THURSDAY!!! EEEP)

2. I blog for YA Birmingham (the best bookstore on the planet)

3. Musical theatre is a GIGANTIC passion of mine

4. My favourite musicals at the moment are Legally Blonde and Les Mis

5. I may be a tiny bit insanely in love with Darren Criss

6.ย John Green is my favourite author and I refuse to read An Abundance of Katherines as then I will have no more John Green books to read

7. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film! Iย cry every time I watch it!

8. Iย can open any page of TFIOS and immediately start crying

9.ย I can learn chunks of text really easily and I accidentally soak up massive quotes when I read books (like Hazel’s eulogy in TFIOS)

10. I don’t listen toย current music any more

11. In year seven I was hit by a car and I broke my collar bone… oops

12. I’m very accident prone actually! One time I trapped my finger in the door at drama. There was a lot of blood…

13. I am completely useless at hair and makeup

14. I don’t watch much TV. I only ever watch Friends or repeats of my favourite shows (like Nikita, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time and Doctor Who)

15. I have never eaten an Oreo.

16. My favourite subject is English and my least favourite is Physics

17. I cried in German looking at Josh Hutcherson’s face

18. I am currently procrastinating

19. I am really struggling to think of facts

20. I broke my phone on Saturday and was very upset

21. My facts are getting boring

22. I am very tall

23. I am secretly a unicorn

24. I go to an archery club at school

25. I am sorry that you had to read those uninteresting facts!


Priya x





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