My Weekend (Wrap-up)

I apologise in advance for the inevitable spelling and grammar mistakes in this review but I slept for five hours yesterday and my brain is not functioning properly!


So I have had an absolutely amazing weekend and I spent it with some of my favourite people in the world (Ambi, Asmaa, Hadia, Makayla, Sofia, Sunnduss and Veena.)

So in the morning I went to drama, which was super fun (as always.)

And then I went home and underwent serious preparation for the evening. I got changed and put on my DFTBA converse and my TFIOS lanyard and started cramming and revising facts from The Fault in Our Stars! Why you ask?


The wonderful Birmingham High Street Waterstones were hosting another one of their epic parties (this time for my favourite book) and I could not have been more excited! My love for TFIOS is immeasurable but if you want to begin to understand it check out my post “My experience of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.”

So I went to town with Ambi and met up with all my friends in Waterstones. We spent a few hours together and before long it was 6:30. Almost party time! We met up with some really nice people we knew from Twitter and went inside!

There are often quizzes (with epic prizes) at these fanparties and this one was no different! We had got into a team of 11 called “The Hectic Glow” (Me, Sofia, Ambi, Asmaa, Hadia, Veena, Makayla, Maryam, MadiCharli and Zarin) and had been working on strategies all week! (We wanted to win really badly.)

So then three awesome events were announced that we were VERY excited about (although we accidentally found out about them beforehand :P !)

And then it was time for the quiz! I had butterflies in my stomach (but forgot the word for it in my excitement and renamed them the “numunumnums”)

I was so glad when we got the questions because we knew all but one of the answers. We spent a long time deliberating what the words on Hazel’s this is not a pipe tee were in French and had multiple variations such as “C’est ne pas une pipe”, “Ceci ne pas une pipe” and the one we finally settled on “Ce n’est pas une pipe” (which was still wrong!) Luckily I wrote the artist on the quiz (René Magritte) to show off my extensive revision as that was the right answer! We managed to scrape a win (by one mark) with 19/20 (as we wrote that Gus and Hazel both wear a “Bulls” t-shirt rather than a “Bulldogs” tee!) We did so much better on this test than we have in the past! On the City of Bones quiz our team (“Malec”) came last and we cracked under the pressure when we (“Where’s Uriah?) reached a tie-breaker question on the Divergent Quiz!

And then…….


We each got an amazing goodie bag including a TFIOS tee (which I’ll talk about later) and a SIGNED (YES SIGNED) tour poster!

Everyone at the party got a goodiebag with two awesome books in and (bookmarks and postcards!)

Then all the teen books were buy one get one half price so my friends all splurged on books (while I tried to exercise self control.) They bought all sorts from Throne of Glass to Shatter Me to Before I Fall!

We always buy raffle tickets in the hope of winning a prize and this time they were at a bargain price of 50p! I was lucky enough to win some TFIOS artwork by a local artist and Veena and Sofia won books!

And then… I had my first cakepop! It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever tasted!!!

So that day I spent a total of £11.39 that day and managed to get

  • Four books (three of them were free)
  • Several posters (including one signed poster!!!)
  • A TFIOS tee
  • Bookmarks
  • Lunch
  • A heavenly cakepop
  • TFIOS artwork
  • and much more!

Also did I mention that the tickets were £1?!?!?! :D

If you’re interested they are having a Maze Runner Party in October :)


So I won’t bore you with the details, but I went home buzzing after the party with Ambi, Asmaa, Makayla, Sofia and Veena and met Sunnduss at my house for a sleepover to celebrate my birthday (in twoish weeks)

We woke up today (Sunday) and put on the beautiful TFIOS tees we won and took LOTS of pictures!

Our beautiful tees

Our beautiful tees


Hope to see you all at the next party!

And please come up to say hi to us! Whilst we may seem loud and bubbly, we’re actually all really shy and we all want to meet fellow fangirls!

So thanks to the Super TFIOS Team (“The Hectic Glow”) and thanks to YA Birmingham for being the best bookstore on the planet!




Priya x


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