What makes me the biggest fangirl

So this is my entry for the Waterstones “What makes you the biggest fangirl/fanboy?” competition but I thought I’d post it on my blog :)

So what makes someone the biggest fangirl/fanboy?

  • Some people would say the person who has liked it for the longest
  • Some people would say the person who has the most merch or signed books
  • Some people would say the person who knows most about it
  • Some people would say the person who read all of the books or seen everything that one actor has ever been in
  • Some people would say the person who has met the actor/author e.t.c the most times

But I don’t agree with any of those. For me, being the biggest fan is about the magnitude of your love for something and only you know how big of a fangirl you are.

So why do I believe I’m a big fangirl?

Because of my undeniable love for my fandoms

My biggest fandom is Nerdfighteria (the John Green/ Vlogbrothers fandom) and I’m a pretty big Nerdfighter. It’s not like I’ve been watching their videos from the beginning (I started in January last year) or that I’ve read all of Jon Green’s books (Though I have a good reason as I refuse to read An Abundance of Katherines as once I read it, I will have no more John Green books left to read!) It’s also not because I’ve been to the most Nerdfighter gatherings because although I’d love to, I’ve been to none!

It’s because the books and the videos and the whole community hold a very special and important place in my heart. If you want to understand why, read my post “My experience of The Fault in Our Stars” which started off as review but ended up as almost an essay on Hazel Grace Lancaster!

I got to see an advanced screening of TFIOS on the 12th of June! I was insanely excited and yet also very worried because I didn’t want the film to ruin the book that is so special to me. However I loved the film, which is evident from the fangirling noises I made such as “aeeeeeeeeerh” “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and “mehehehehehehehehe” and by the amount of times I flapped my arms around throughout my film.

Because of my dedication

I have dressed up as fictional characters several times (e.g Hermione Granger, Izzy Lightwood, Harry Potter and Nancy Drew) and put a ton of effort into each costume. For example my Hermione costume. Although I dreamed of owning my own Hogwarts uniform, I had to make my own robes when I dressed up as Hermione in primary school. I used one of my mum’s jumpers to make a robe and stapled the Hogwarts crest to it. We made a Gryffindor tie out of cardboard and make a wand out of a twig. I also made my own spells book where I wrote down the “lavitating spell” (“umgardian lavio-sar”) and many others!

Insert embarrassing picture here



I’m also a Marzipan and a Pewdiepie fan (a Bro) and had my first proper stalking experience when we went on holiday to Brighton this year and I was hoping to see them there (as they live in Brighton.) I went to all the places they have shown in their vlogs hoping to see them but alas, I was unlucky!

Because of my dreams

If you check out my bucket list on my blog, you’ll see that one of my biggest dreams is meeting some of my favourite authors, but only a  few of the authors I like ever come to Birmingham. When I found out that Rainbow Rowell was coming to Birmingham, I jumped, screamed and fangirled with my friends Sofia, Veena, Ambi, Makayla and Asmaa!

I was fangirling over the phone to my Dad until he told me that we’d be on holiday at the time of the signing.

I was crushed and I cried for two hours straight.

But I was incredibly lucky because we re-organised my holiday so I can go to the signing and also visit the beautiful Amsterdam and fangirl there because of TFIOS.


Because I’m not ashamed to be a fangirl

Last year I went to the Waterstones Mortal Instruments party with my friends and I walked around town with my arms and legs covered in Runes and got some very strange looks!


To summarise: I don’t think anyone on this earth is the biggest fangirl because you can’t measure how big of a fan someone is! However I am the biggest fangirl I could be! I love all of my fandoms and how they have shaped me into the person I am today!

– Priya



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